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Wiring Design Service

Our Offer

We at illumin8 are well versed in industrial design and drafting services. From electrical and pneumatic drawings to complete component design and drafting we are happy to discuss your needs.

We offer a 2d and 3d drafting service. illumin8 works with most file types and is able to deliver your plans to you in any of the major drawing formats or pdf.

Accuracy is key

We understand the necessity for accurate electrical drawings, we have robust checking systems and are are comfortable with most electrical drawing standards.
Our understanding of industrial control systems and diagrams means we have the knowledge to complete your drawings in a professional and timely manner.

Domestic Wiring Plans

i8’s Domestic Wiring Diagrams are designed to give clear and conciseĀ  diagrams for all homes, it has long been our belief that every home should have a wiring diagram and for this reason we have priced this service to make it affordable for electricians to add to their plans. We have set a standard price for this service based on an average New Zealand home.
Call us or leave a message on our contact page to enquire about this service.

Original Draft Supplied to illumin8 Design

A sample of our work

We understand that laying out drawings with pencil and paper can be difficult even for very advanced electricians, the example on the left and right are a classic scenario that we deal with every day. As long as we can read your writing we can draw your diagram for you.

This sample is part of an 8 page wiring diagram, we turned this drawing around in 10hours for the client.

Final Delivered CAD Design

Industrial Wiring Diagrams

i8 Industrial Systems are developed to give maximum clarity for the electrician, we have our own diagram labelling system for cables, components, Circuit breakers, diodes, resistors etc. Each electrical diagram is shipped with a cover page, Diagram list and component specifications sheets.

We have received wiring diagrams drawn on cardboard boxes, scraps of paper, line drawn photos from site visits, it doesn’t matter to us, we will make your scribble look professional in any format.

If you prefer to use your own diagram labelling system no problem!, we can utilise your existing system for drawing references and numbers.

PDF to DWG Conversion Software

PDF to DWG Conversion Software can take your existing drawings that are in a PDF format and convert them to a drawing file. This makes it easy to start with your PDF file drawings and end with a CAD file that can be modified to look however you need to. (NB not all files can be converted but we do our best to ensure success)

Code Writing


Garry has been involved in industrial automation for many years, we have completed many different projects in various countries around the world.

Our code is all written to an IEC standard and combines the best of SFC, function block and structured text to give you the most robust code available.

If you need connectivity to your factory then we can merge and manipulate your PLC data to display on any touch screen or brand of your choice. We have completed many SCADA projects over the years and are very comfortable in the SCADA environment.

Analog, Digital and Protocols

We understand analog and digital controls, modbus, canbus, J1939, NMEA2000, TCPIP protocols etc… Code cracking and program re-building is something we enjoy and have done many times.

If you need SCADA application for your business then we are “Intouch” trained and qualified, getting the most from your automation system is what we are about at illumin8.