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Home Lighting Designs

Home Lighting Designs are our speciality

Sara came into Lighting with a very unique perspective… Initially her career choice was all about Disease Prevention, after getting Redpath Nelsons original Lighting Solutions started she quickly learned that light is not just something to see by, it is so very much more important that just that.

Our everyday Health and Happiness is governed by the quality of light we receive from different angles in combination with the time of day, colour temperature and frequency. We have completed over 1500 lighting designs for the New Zealand market over the last 11 years. There have been many advances in lighting recently and most recently we have enjoyed learning about and specifying the SD (Sunset Dimming) range from Switch Lighting. Combining the SD range with a new CT (Colour Tuning) capility we are able to achieve a much more natural and targeted light design that will suit everyones taste in lighting.

Lighting in your home affects your mental health

With an optimum product being specified we take away the majority of the science we need to understand to light our spaces appropriately for maintaining optimum health and happiness.

Every lighting design created by illumin8 benefits from this unique perspective for specification and design which draws on a number of innate and learned skills

  • Fitness and Exercise Science
  • A passion for research aligning with disease prevention
  • Permaculture Design Principles (GOBRADIME)
  • Innate creativity and desire for symmetry and balance

Carry on reading below if you would like contact us to help with your lighting design.

Home Lighting
Home Lighting

Commercial Lighting Designs

Dialux is the commercial lighting software illumin8 uses to ensure that your commercial building has sufficient lighting to meet New Zealand lighting standards.

We understand LED installation and automated control systems to help you find the most energy efficient lighting system for your building.

illumin8 will provide you with lighting output reports and rendered image

Saxton Pavillion


Dialux Example

Lighting Calculations

Commercial Lighting

Lighting Simulation

Exterior Lighting

Landscape lighting is part of our design service, we have completed many exterior light applications and this has partly inspired us to create our copper range of outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting

Ambience Lighting

Copper Garden Light

Plant Bed Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Up Lighting