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Reading Light | i8RLi8Phone-2730-N



illumin8’s range of reading lights are designed to focus a stream of light onto your reading material while restricting light spill to other areas. They are adjustable left/right and up/down. Our reading lights are manufactured and assembled here in Nelson, every light fitting is individually tested to ensure safety and reliability and the LEDs are of the highest grade possible giving a comfortable 50,000 hrs of operation. As a punchy 1 watt they give an incredible amount of focused light with a minimum of power consumption making them very economical to run.

Specification Details

  • Wattage: 1 x 1 watt LED
  • Dia: 24mm
  • Base Dimensions: 60 x 120 x 6mm
  • Material: Machined Aluminium
  • Finish: Marine anodising, Natural
  • Driver: LED350ma
  • Use: Indoor Reading or Spotlight
  • Radius Corners

Proudly made in Nelson, New Zealand

Additional information

Marine Anodised

i8s fittings are all marine anodised to give a long lasting corrosion resistant finish