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Pendant Light | i8QP-3030-n


Updown light, marine anodised aluminium



illumin8’s Quad Pendant is a modern slimline ceiling mounted pendant that gives a warm but powerful stream of light either up to your ceiling or down to your table/benchtop or you can switch both up and down lights on at the same time. You won’t find another pendant anywhere that looks like this elegant New Zealand made pendant.

Specification Details

  • Wattage: 8 x 1 watt LED 4up/4down on separate circuits
  • Height: Adjustable
  • Dia: 24mm Per Tube
  • Overall Diameter 90mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Marine anodised, Natural
  • Driver: LED350ma
  • Use: Indoor

Additional information

Weight .5 kg