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illumin8 and the Team

Garry and Sara bring together a creative, technical, people and environment focused design service. We take pride in combining our technical and artistic resources to create solutions for our clients. Our services span a range of design solutions; lighting designs, lighting product design and manufacture, CAD drafting and documentation, database design and implementation, in truth we can cover most of your creative and technical design requirements under one roof.

Design Solutions

Since 2010 we have designed lighting layouts for over 1000 domestic and commercial builds. We present you with a lighting design specifying quality LED light fittings for your new build, renovation, add-on or social/garden space…

Our combination of creative and mechanical skill-sets gives us an interesting solution focused design edge, quickly providing your particular application with an atmospheric and functional lighting design.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting Design

CAD + Electrical Design

Products We Make


Recent Testimonials   2023

Sue Johnson @ “Pro Lighting”

Sara and Christina run a great service, they have completed many lighting designs for our clients over the last 10 years, Sara’s passion for happy healthy lighting in every home means great detail and design on every design. illumin8 are our number one design company.

Peter Newman @ “Question Electrical”

Garry helps us regularly with automation problems, code writing an electrical drawings. He is accurate and efficient and has a solid understanding of electrical circuitry and wiring.

Craig Spratt @ “Nelmac”

Garry helps us on a daily basis with a range of services including Electrical CAD Drawings, SCADA assistance, Database development etc, he is realiable, technical and easy to work with and has a sound knowledge of the technical aspects of the automation industry. A very helpful contractor.

John Smith @ “Expert Design”

Sara has been outstanding to work with on our recent project in France, she designed to lighting for a clients holiday home abroad with detail and committment. The clients are very happy with their new home. A big thank you to the team at illumin8.

Garry Cooper @ “illumin8”


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