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Design Service

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting Design

Dialux is the commercial lighting software illumin8 uses to ensure that your commercial building has sufficient lighting to meet New Zealand lighting standards.
We understand LED installation and automated control systems to help you find the most energy efficient lighting system for your building.
illumin8 will provide you with lighting output reports and rendered images of your proposed lighting layout.

Home Lighting

Your illumin8 lighting design will provide you with a stunning Atmosphere favouring quality NZ light fittings. Your Conceptual Lighting Design is created for you, with information you and your Electrical Specialist will provide. No Eyestrain and Irritation from Shadowy or Glarey Lighting!

illumin8 designs every home to have healthy happy LED lighting, that isn’t going to quietly stress them out and make them angry! This may sound a little dramatic but when you have experienced angry making lighting you will understand how important it is to select the best LED lights and then where they need to be positioned in your home.

Lighting Design Service

Wiring Diagrams

Are you tired of working from hand drawn wiring diagrams, not looking professional or even would like to tidy up your operation, We at illumin8 are well versed in industrial and domestic design and drafting services. From electrical and pneumatic drawings to complete component design and drafting we are happy to discuss your needs.
We offer a 2d and 3d drafting service. illumin8 works with most file types and is able to deliver your plans to you in any of the major drawing formats or pdf.
i8s wiring design service is for all industries, our structured layouts are easy to follow and fast to draw.

PLC-SCADA and Code Writing

Garry has been involved in industrial automation for many years, we have completed many different projects in various countries around the world.
Our code is all written to an IEC standard and combines the best of SFC, function block and structured text to give you the most robust code available.
If you need connectivity to your factory then we can merge and manipulate your PLC data to display on any touch screen or brand of your choice. We have completed many SCADA projects over the years and are very comfortable in the SCADA environment.

PLC Code Design
Jobs Database

Database and SQL

illumin8 will come to your work place and assess your information and work flow, then design a database package tailored to your specific business requirements, many software packages today have too many confusing features when all you need is a simple solution without all the frills. Plain simple and cost effective is the motto here.
We have been responsible for developing a number of database packages over the years including, quick quote, jobbing software, scheduled maintenace packages, we have recently completed a turn key jobbing software system connected via SQL and incorporating an “app” for ordering goods and job creation on a mobile phone. Tried and Tested.