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Home Lighting Designs are our specialty

Your illumin8 lighting design will provide you with a stunning Atmosphere favouring quality NZ light fittings. Your Conceptual Lighting Design is created for you, with information you and your Electrical Specialist will provide. No Eyestrain and Irritation from Shadowy or Glarey Lighting!

illumin8 designs every home to have healthy happy LED lighting, that isn’t going to quietly stress them out and make them angry! This may sound a little dramatic but when you have experienced angry making lighting you will understand how important it is to select the best LED lights and then where they need to be positioned in your home.

Lighting in your home affects your mental health

We have each experienced different types of poor lighting, often, at the height of annoyance, we haven’t registered that the lighting was bad but instead we would adjust our circumstances until the issue was resolved, subsequently wasting time, energy and some form of emotional strain…

Lighting can be just as you need it to be and unnoticed or stand out due to its stunning highlighting artistic beauty! Or, it can quietly stress you out with misplaced shadowing, poorly selected glarey products both which can create awful eyestrain


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Your Lighting Journey with us…!
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